Terms of Reposting

Everything you need to know when reposting my art.

These are essentially Terms And Conditions for reposting my art.

If you are reading this, you have probably just visited my website and found the small “Terms of Reposting” link on the bottom of my site, or you have been brought here from an account I have on some other website. I have added this because I want to allow anyone to repost my art, but I have previously had (paid) art stolen from pages like Patreon, then distributed on art piracy websites. Thus I will allow anyone to repost, as long as they follow the terms as laid out on this page.

What you can do with my art:

  • REPOST on your own page, as long as proper credit is given (according to the rules laid out on this page).
  • REBLOG on tumblr, if anything this is the simplest one, if you’re reblogging it from my original post, you don’t really have to do anything extra. Do not remove the text of my post.
  • Use my art as a reference.

What you can’t do with my art:

  • You cannot repost my art without proper credit.
  • You cannot use my art for any personal project without my express permission. An exception to this is of course what would be considered fair-use, such as criticism (my rules regarding credit still apply).
  • You may not repost any form of paid art, images (or full resolution versions of images) that are part of any paid folio, comic or timed-exclusive image for supporters on pages like Patreon. This also includes any game, animation, or other project I make.
  • You may not recolor and repost my art unless you have express permission.
  • You may not trace over my art and claim it as your own.

What to include when reposting my art:

  • Include a link to at least one page of mine where said art can be found. Preferably this would be my website ( A direct link to the image on my website is not enough.
  • Credit my artist name (ciderdrop). Example: “Artist: Ciderdrop“.


  • For commissions it is completely up to the person who bought the commission to decide whether or not to allow reposts of the works I make for them, as any art I make as a commission belongs to the commissioner.
  • Specific works may be exempt from the terms on this page.


  • The terms on this page may change at any time.
  • If the terms on this site are changed, any repost, or other use of my art, made before the change does not need to be updated to meet the new requirements.
  • However, the above does not apply to any use of my art that is prohibited to begin with, such as art theft, or piracy.
  • Any date on which the terms on this page changes will be listed in the changelog below.


  • 25th April 2018 – Page created.
  • 4th October 2018 – Page updated and added to new site. (Fixed minor errors).