Site moved!

I went ahead and moved this website to a new hosting solution.

I was previously using a form of deluxe shared hosting, meaning I was sharing the resources of one server with multiple other people. This was fine for the original, static, version of, but seeing as how I’ve now switched to using WordPress, it simply wasn’t really performing up to my expectations anymore. And seeing as how we’re nearing the end of 2018, and thus the end of the 1-year shared hosting I purchased last year, I thought it was time for an upgrade.

The site is now running on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) solution. Meaning that, while this website does share a physical server with multiple other websites, it is running inside of its own virtual machine, meaning that the CPU and RAM resources I have, are mine alone to use. This should mean both a much faster and more responsive website, as well as more consistent performance.

I will also be reworking the theme I developed for this website a bit, as it is currently not as efficient as it could be in terms of load times.

There are some downsides to moving from the shared hosting I was using before, though. The previous hosting solution had “unlimited” storage, basically meaning there was no hard limit to how much storage space you could use, instead you could only have a certain amount of files maximum. Some absolutely insane number, at least for my purposes. With the VPS solution, there is a limit to how much storage space I can use, but it’s not low enough that it’ll become a problem anytime soon. Even if it did, it could just be upgraded.