3.0 Pack! Fullres and unreleased!

To celebrate the launch of version 3.0a of cider.moe, I am releasing a pack containing full resolution versions of images I’ve drawn in the past 9 months, as well as some unreleased stuff!

The full resolution images are all available right here on this page. Though you can also download a ZIP-file containing all the images right here. If there are certain types of content you do not wish to see (not safe for work content, for example), you can filter it out by clicking the “Content Filter” button in the menu bar and selecting a pre-defined content filter that only shows you the kind of content you want. You can also write custom tags to filter out! Though you can’t see the tags for images yet, heh. The content filter will save your preferences between visits (if you’re not in private browsing/incognito).

Anyway, enjoy!