3.0a is Live!

If you are reading this you are currently looking at version 3.0a of!

It’s been months since the last update to the original site. As I stated in one of my website updates on my R-18 Tumblr, I was already thinking about switching to using WordPress entirely for the website, this was simply because updating a static website is just a lot more work than should really be needed, not to mention that me using the WordPress platform for the website opens up a ton of opportunities for what I will be able to do with the site. But if I were to move on to using WordPress entirely, I wouldn’t just want to be stuck with stock WordPress functionality and a stock theme, or alternatively, a website that is bloated with tons third party themes and plugins. No. Instead I decided I wanted to start (sort of) from scratch, and build my own custom theme, with custom functionality.

Developing the theme took a few months as I haven’t had all too much time on my hands between work and trying to balance sleep with free time. But I’ve now finally gotten to a state where it is ready to be released into the wild. This is not to say that it is complete, I plan to progressively add features to the site. But the plan is that I will be sticking with the WordPress platform for a good bit, and I will probably be focusing on adding and improving features rather than changing the design of the site. Ironically, for a digital artist anyway, I am far more interested in back-end development than front-end.

Fun fact: the original site design is actually based off of a prototype for another static design of, that would not have been built on top of WordPress at all.